The Dog



Odie is a labradoodle cross. He is a rescue dog. I was not planning to get a canine companion but when i saw him it was love at first bark. 

He likes:

-chasing and eating flies. No fly can feel safe if Odie is in the room,

-carrots, watermelon and sweets,

-pretending he does not understand the word “sit” or “no”,

-acting like a small dog when trying to sit on your nap,

-freaking out other dogs (and their respective owners) by ambushing them,

He doesn’t like:

-being left alone,


-realizing he is not that small after all,


-green veggies,

-people wearing hats.


11 thoughts on “The Dog

  1. Reading your blog makes me so happy! You are such a brave girl and Odie is beautiful! Kisses and belly rubs from Argentina 🙂

  2. I can’t believe i’ve just found your page! I loved reading all about your work and am aspiring to do the same! How do you afford your adventures? Are you working or freelancing? 🙂
    Happy travels!
    Bella x

  3. I admire your get up and go attitude.I hope you and Odie enjy your adventures.Maybe we’ll see a travel journal of yours published one day?

  4. This is my dream! But if you don’t mind me asking, how do you manage to afford this lifestyle? Have you been saving for years or do you pick up work along the way?

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