The Dog



Odie is a labradoodle cross. He is a rescue dog. I was not planning to get a canine companion but when i saw him it was love at first bark. 

He likes:

-chasing and eating flies. No fly can feel safe if Odie is in the room,

-carrots, watermelon and sweets,

-pretending he does not understand the word “sit” or “no”,

-acting like a small dog when trying to sit on your nap,

-freaking out other dogs (and their respective owners) by ambushing them,

He doesn’t like:

-being left alone,


-realising he is not that small after all,


-green veggies,

-people wearing hats.



8 thoughts on “The Dog

  1. I can’t believe i’ve just found your page! I loved reading all about your work and am aspiring to do the same! How do you afford your adventures? Are you working or freelancing? 🙂
    Happy travels!
    Bella x


  2. I admire your get up and go attitude.I hope you and Odie enjy your adventures.Maybe we’ll see a travel journal of yours published one day?


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