How to: stay safe while traveling in a van

This is a question I get asked often, and rightly so.

After all, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs safety is one of our main needs, second only to our physiological needs (food, water, sleep etc).

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How to: make money on the road

This is the question I receive more often: how on earth do I manage to make money on the move? Many assume that one must be rich, have rich parents funding the travels, have a sugar daddy or win the lottery to afford such a lifestyle. Well, let me tell you, they couldn’t be more wrong.

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Pros and Cons of travelling with your dog friend

The main reason why I chose to be travelling by van was that I wanted to have Odie with me. A van seemed the most viable option.

Too many bus, train, plane companies do not accept dogs, not to mention the difficulties you might have to find a suitable accommodation.

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