How to install simple DIY curtains

You might not believe this, but out of all the works done to the van, installing the curtains was the most time consuming process . The Kangoo has 4 lateral and 1 back windows all in weird, fiddly shapes. Finding a cheap solution to install curtains was a real hassle. You can find prepared curtain … Continue reading How to install simple DIY curtains

Changing the oil and oil filter for Dummies – Kangoo

Guidelines recommend changing the oil and oil filter every 7000-10 000 miles. This can cost you about £50-£60. If you are on a budget or just want to know how your van/car better you would be pleased to know that you can do it yourself. Just find those clothes you once used to paint your auntie's kitchen, and … Continue reading Changing the oil and oil filter for Dummies – Kangoo

Changing spark plugs for Dummies

Having difficulties switching on your van especially when it's cold outside? If your battery is working fine, it's probably your spark plugs that need changing. The spark plugs are those little things that produce the spark needed to ignite the fuel and air in the engine hence initiating the combustion. I think of it like the … Continue reading Changing spark plugs for Dummies

Building the kitchen structure

I must admit, my woodworking skills are not the greatest. The kitchen was built in a real rush (less than 4days) and I'm not 100% with the result. I thought I would share some pictures anyway  to show that even without any experience, you can build a half decent kitchen. The first step was to … Continue reading Building the kitchen structure

Laying the vinyl floor

Once the van floor has been fully insulated and ply lined, you are ready to lay the vinyl floor. I've chose vinyl instead of carpet/wooden flooring as it's super easy to lay, to clean and as it doesn't easily get damaged by water. Take the measurements from your van floor and cut the vinyl. Leave … Continue reading Laying the vinyl floor

Carpeting sliding doors

The first bit I decided to carpet was also the most fiddly: the sliding doors. To carpet properly the doors, you will want to remove the handle used to open the door and ultimately the window itself to get the rubber edging out. You could probably get away without removing the window but i believe … Continue reading Carpeting sliding doors

Roof insulation and Lining

The last part of Pam to be insulated was the roof. Again I have used the combo camping mats + foil bubble wrap and I'm very happy with the results. INSULATION 1.First thing you'll need to do is to cut and fit some batons to the roof as you will need somewhere to attach your … Continue reading Roof insulation and Lining