A little review: Vanmats-uk mats

Pam has been needing mats since I threw away the smelly ones when I first bought it.

Funnily enough, a little while ago I got contacted by the British company Vanmats-Uk. They wanted me to try out their mats. How could I say no?

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Carpeting the Sides and the Drivers cabin

To carpet the rest of the Kangoo you will need to carpet the pillars (where the seat belt lives) the sides below the windows and the roof above the driving cabin.

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Carpet Lining: Introduction and Technique

Now that you are done with your insulation, it is time to start carpeting your van. The carpet is also an insulator and sound dampener, but it looks much much nicer than foil bubble wrap! If done properly, the carpet will give your van a finished and homely feel.

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