Why traveling alone SUCKS

No, don't worry, I haven't decided to give up on traveling I still really enjoy solo traveling. Let's face it though, sometimes it's not all roses and fairies. After writing Why Traveling Alone ROCKS I thought it would be only fair to mention some of the biggest downsizes of traveling alone in a van. Ready? … Continue reading Why traveling alone SUCKS

Why Traveling Alone ROCKS

Traveling alone in your van can sound scary at first. Most of us are not used to spend long stretches of time alone especially if that involves discovering new places where we have no know connections. I am here to tell you that traveling alone is an eye-opening, freeing experience that I really believe each … Continue reading Why Traveling Alone ROCKS

How to take a ferry to the UK with your dog

Do you want to visit the Queen with your furry friend but are dreading the borders? It's ok, you're not alone. Understanding how you can bring your pup can give you a headache (it certainly gave it to me). The UK has slightly stricter regulations than other EU countries, mainly due to the fact that … Continue reading How to take a ferry to the UK with your dog

Travelling in the EU with your dog

So, you have seen wonderful pictures of people exploring the world with their furry friends and you cannot wait to start your own journey.  You saved up for it, you are happy with your van setup and have a clear idea of where you want to go. Sorry to be a killjoy but there is still one thing … Continue reading Travelling in the EU with your dog

Pros and Cons of travelling with your dog friend

The main reason why I chose to be travelling by van was that I wanted to have Odie with me. A van seemed the most viable option. Too many bus, train, plane companies do not accept dogs, not to mention the difficulties you might have to find a suitable accommodation. Despite being the most practical solution, … Continue reading Pros and Cons of travelling with your dog friend