Hi you!

My name is Marina, a twenty something year old girl attempting to convert a dirty, small and smelly van into a comfy moving home. I would like to get it done in only three months, so all of my time and energy will be going into this conversion.

IMG_0166 (3)
Odie and Me. He does not like pictures.

I am starting my conversion no knowledge whatsoever on mechanics, electrics, plumbing or woodworking I’m learning everything on the spot.

My goal is to do all of the conversion steps myself. Am I setting the bar too high?



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Linked here from camper van fun.com
    I’m a 54 year old man from the north of England and this summer I bought a fiat qubo which is a small car with removable seats to give load space of a bit less than your kangoo. In august I took my dog midge ( a crossbreed rescue dog) up to Scotland so we could go up ben nevis and we slept in the back ( cosy but not comfortable when the airbed punctured on a seat bracket) since then I have been thinking of what I could do to make it better for us on a few short trips next year. Just had a quick look through your site and I am full of admiration for what you’ve done and envy your spirit of adventure which I wish I had when I was your age. Keep blogging and I will be a regular visitor. Thank you

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