Why traveling alone SUCKS

No, don’t worry, I haven’t decided to give up on traveling I still really enjoy solo traveling.

Let’s face it though, sometimes it’s not all roses and fairies.

After writing Why Traveling Alone ROCKS I thought it would be only fair to mention some of the biggest downsizes of traveling alone in a van.

Ready? Here we go!



For me this is by far the biggest disadvantage of traveling on your own. Whatever needs to be done, needs to be done by you. Whether it’s washing dishes, finding the next parking spot, asking for directions, changing a tire, figuring out why the inverter isn’t working, bringing Odie for a midnight pee, driving 4 hours on a boring motorway… you’re on your own.  Traveling on your own can be tiring.  There will be days where you’ll just want to have someone else to make decisions for you, so that you could just relax and not think for a little while.

Yes, you’ll need to wash the dishes. Bummer.


Traveling on your own means you have no one to share expenses with. Insurance, road tax, petrol, parking tickets, mechanic bills will all need to be paid by you. The more people you are traveling with, the cheaper it gets (check How to: make money on the road to find out ways you can fund your own journey)!



Especially in the beginning, traveling in your van can feel weird and scary. There will be no one with you to reassure you or to get out of the van in the middle of the night to check where that funny sound was coming from.  Being alone might make you feel more vulnerable to ill intentioned (if you are worried about your safety check  How to: stay safe while traveling in a van) something you might not feel as strongly if you were in good company.

Cute? Yes.Guard dog? Definitely not.



Being sick in a van is no fun, more so if there is no one around that can care for you!  You can never know when and where you could fall ill or get hurt, which can make traveling alone a little more frightening.  I have been lucky enough not to fall very ill during my travels, but I know that if I was, I would probably need to book room somewhere for a few days.




For as hard as you try to describe it, no one will ever understand how it felt to be standing on the top of that big rock at sunset, how incredible was the scent coming from that little village bakery, how freeing was swimming in that little lake you found in the middle of the forest. People will ask you about your travels, but they will never get how it was to actually BE there cause, well, they weren’t. For some people, it can feel a little lonely not having someone around to share experiences and memories.  Also, two minds remember better than one,  you won’t have a person bringing up details of  your travels or reminding you of such and such funny episodes. To me my “solo” memories are very intimate and precious but I can see how sharing them with someone could make them even more special.


Can you think of any other reasons why traveling on your own sucks? Leave them down below!


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15 thoughts on “Why traveling alone SUCKS

  1. Il me plaît de voyager seulement parce que : -
    j’ai une indépendance;
    je n’ai pas à m’adapter aux horaires et des goûts de quelqu’un.
    je n’ai pas à endurer des humours mauvais de quelqu’un personne n’a à résister les miens.
    j’oblige à aller avec les cinq sens il alerte.
    je crois qu’il y a plus de possibilités de connaître des gens et de commencer une amitié que dans un groupe. - c’est bon une fois dans la vie d’être à seules avec l’un même durant une longue période (tu apprends beaucoup de toi).
    j’adore la sensation d’être seul dans un endroit spécial, dans un soir, en face de l’océan, dans le haut d’une montagne ou dans une dune du désert.
    Il est adictivo.
    Mon conseil : si vous pouvez voyager avec quelqu’un contigu, faites-le. Mais ne cessez jamais d’accomplir un sommeil parce que vous n’avez pas de compagnon ou compagne de voyage. Tout le monde est capable de voyager seulement ou seule une fois. Et de plus c’est une expérience enrichissante.

  2. like i told you in you tube; with sun you ll be much better ;-à but ok course, alone it’s difficut, but sometime, not alone it’ s more difficult 😉 be happy and take care 😉 kym

  3. Yes it is nice to share,,,,but on your own you are YOU,with someone else you compromise.
    I have done both and much prefer to search out experiences on my own, maybe one day,,,,, though I will have to hurry,,,,,, Im 75 next birthday.
    Please do not climb mist covered mountains or swim in cold deep water, they can be deadly.
    Your blogs are perfect as they are.

  4. Hey Marina, Colorado mtns here. I was thinking of this recently. You once mentioned a preference for those (men) who are comfortable w themselves along with other qualities I’m sure. You are clearly a lovely young woman, I’m certain all your followers would welcome a partner the channel. Wish you the best with this!

  5. Well, if you are tired to travel alone, let me know! We could share the road, as I’m traveling at the moment as well! PS: I’m a good french cook 😀

  6. Cosa darei per poter vivere alla tua maniera in compagnia del mio cane. Un calcio nel sedere a mia moglie e cambierei vita per sempre. Ti invidio. Brava.

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