Why Traveling Alone ROCKS

Traveling alone in your van can sound scary at first.

Most of us are not used to spend long stretches of time alone especially if that involves discovering new places where we have no know connections.

I am here to tell you that traveling alone is an eye-opening, freeing experience that I really believe each one of us should do once in their life time.

I will probably be writing a separate post on the importance of learning to be alone and be ok as it’s a topic very important to me but for now…

Here are my 5 reasons why traveling alone rocks!




This little under bed storage? ALL MINE


So this is probably the first amazing thing of  van dwelling alone. All the freaking space is yours and only yours! Space in such a small “house” is very very important, having it all for yourself is a massive luxury.  There will also be times where you’ll want to have a military shower, shave your armpits and need to pee in a bottle. Would you really want to have someone else around while you do that?




My only responsibility.


By traveling solo you won’t have to be responsible for other people. YAY!

Doesn’t matter if you are traveling with your friend, your lover or your sister, you will undoubtedly feel a little responsible for them and their wellbeing. This translates in more cautious decision, more worries and sometimes headaches.



I want to take dips and sunbathe for a week do macramé in between and not wear shoes.


This is probably one of my favorite factors of solo travel. To put it plainly: you can do whatever you want whenever you want. Don’t like this city everybody seems to love? Get away from it. Wanna eat noodles instead of pasta? Eat your noodles. Wanna stay in the beach and do nothing but read for a few days? You can.

There will be no one to ask questions, no one with different planes, no one to make happy but you. Some would call this selfish, I call it freeing.




The “Odirina” bubble


Ok let me explain what I mean here. I call the “traveling bubble” that phenomena that occurs when you are traveling with someone else, weather it’s your significant  other or a  friend.

When you are in a couple (or a group) you tend to see and interact with the world as a couple instead than two individuals. There will already be a microcosm between you and the other person that will inevitably interfere with the outside world.

People will see you plus the other person and will treat you different than if you were by yourself.  I am not saying this is always bad, traveling in company can generate a great sense of security and of sharing something. I however believe that by traveling alone you can experience a greater rawness and trueness both in the external and internal world.




The blissful moments when nature is your journey’s companion


Sorry for the self-help book like quote, had to.

Traveling alone can be tough at times: when you need to drive another 4 hours to your destination and your eyelids are dropping, when you hear suspicious noises in the middle of the night, when you cannot be bothered to look for tonight’s parking spot you will find yourself longing for a companion.

You will at times feel confused and not understand the sense of a journey if it’s not shared, you might feel judged by others and vulnerable to ill-intentioned.

Well, the truth is that after a while you will understand you have a choice: you either hide in fear, think everyone is after you and be miserable or learn how to be vulnerable and open yourself the unknown. Vulnerability (and I mean here emotional vulnerability, not putting yourself in dangerous situations) is a powerful tool that we all need to learn use and embrace.

If you accept that your journey is not solely about seeing new landscapes and crossing paths with new people but it’s mainly an internal one, you will get to see beautiful places.

Plus, if you’ve done this on your own, you can do anything my dear.



Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking: it can’t be all peaches and dandelions right? You are right my little friend. Check Why traveling alone SUCKS!


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13 thoughts on “Why Traveling Alone ROCKS

  1. Hi. Pam,
    Some thought provoking opinions here. One of the best posts you’ve put up online so far. When you first started out there was that nagging thought has she thought through the idea of being alone over a long period of time.
    You put that to bed nicely today.

  2. You really hit the spot ! Real life comment here. Traveling alone is great (I too travel with my dog mostly,only a few acceptions though! No stressful tours with her !) The journey is the goal of the whole thing ! As we board the journey starts. Along the way companions come and go as I have experienced in a lot if km’s of traveling! ( Yes I like to take some along travelers when they pass my path! ) Lots of nice meetings with the nicest people from all over the world.
    Keep it up I’ll be following your posts all the way.

  3. another great post of you!! thank you for sharing this interesting article..
    have you ever got your boyfriend or a friend with you to travel with your van? was the space inside enough? (i have this question since months..)

    1. Hi Athina! Yes I have travelled with someone else but only for very very short period of times (maximum two nights) cause there isn’t enough space to be comfortable. I could go for longer stretches of time only if we were in the woods and we could cook outside! However, if you only want to put storage and a bed on the back (with no fixed kitchen) i think it would be much more doable to travel in two 🙂

  4. I just bought a man too campers have enjoyed looking at your information on here. I am living in Wales uk and will be going away with my dog and having adventures we hope. You have been good inspiration for me.

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