How to install simple DIY curtains

You might not believe this, but out of all the works done to the van, installing the curtains was the most time consuming process .

The Kangoo has 4 lateral and 1 back windows all in weird, fiddly shapes. Finding a cheap solution to install curtains was a real hassle.

You can find prepared curtain rails specific for campervans and van conversions but those are VERY expensive.

I decided to instead try this method using picture wire found in the incredibly helpful Exploring Alternatives channel.

The method consists in drilling small holes at the top and bottom sides of the window and fixing some picture wire by securing it with some screws. I’ve also added some hooks to keep the curtains in place .

Untitled Diagramaa.png

Here is what you need to do:

1.Drill 4 small holes in the 4 window corners (for the screws), 4 on the two vertical sides (for the hook) and 1 in the horizontal sides (for the eyelets) with your 1mm drill bit. If you have carpeted your van, drilling small holes is likely to drive you crazy. In case you didn’t know, the carpet favorite hobby is to snap your drill bits by wrapping itself around it.  I found that cutting a small split in the carpet to allow the drill to touch directly the metal part worked .curtain diagram.png

2.Screw in your eyelets, your hooks. screw in the screws but not all the way down.


3. Sew your curtains, by taking your window measurements, and creating a fold both on the top and on the bottom (this video might come useful). If your windows aren’t a perfect rectangle, you might need a couple of try to make your curtains fit right. If you aren’t practical, you can always learn. Sewing comes very handy. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can just hand saw. Yes it will take longer, but just because a car goes faster doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy walking right?


4. Cut a piece of picture hanging wire wide as the upper side of the window. Add 15cm or so to the width of the window.

5. This is the tricky part: wrap the wire around the left upper screw you previously fixed then screw in the screws all the way in. This way the wire should be fixed firmly.

6. Slide the upper side pocket of the pre-made curtain on the wire. Pass the wire through the middle eyelet. Pass the second curtain on the wire and then fix the wire on the upper right screw. Slide the end of the wire wrapped around the screw into the curtain pocket.

7. Repeat for the bottom side of the window.


8. Use the hole punch to create two holes on the left and right sides of the curtains in correspondence to the hooks previously fixed.


9. Finish by pressing in the grommets. Slide the hole into the hook.IMG_2906.JPG

10. Repeat for the remaining windows.


For the tent between the drivers cabin and the back, I simply screwed on the upper shelf a plastic curtain rail that I cut to the right length.


I know what you are thinking, white curtains aren’t the most cleaver idea in a van as if the lights are on people can see inside it. I know realized that and will be soon adding an extra black shade on the back! 🙂



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14 thoughts on “How to install simple DIY curtains

  1. They turned out so great! Where did you get the plastic curtain rail for between the driver’s cabin and the back? I’ve been needing something like this for a project I’ve been cooking up.


    1. Hi Jean, I’m afraid the curtain wire might get damaged when fixing it with the screw as its plastic. But I guess it could be a good alternative if you are not using screws to attach them.


      1. The plastic is just the outer covering. It’s coiled metal inside. You can get it without the plastic. The hooks or eyes for attaching it screw into the end directly.


    1. Hi Ian! Yes I have, i did buy one, only to then discover that the standard size of roof box found on commerce does not fit the kangoo (the space in between the roof bars is too big). I am quite happy now not to have one as I like to travel light anyway and as this way I can reduce my fuel consumption.


  2. Bonjour !!! Incroyable de tomber sur ton expérience !!!! J’adore et surtout j’adhère ! Je suis en train de moi aussi aménagé mon Kangoo ! Après avoir eu un Citroën C25 tout aménagé j’ai voulu faire moi même et plus petit pour passer partout! Et j’ai moi aussi un beau toutou ! Alors imagine mon excitation en voyant ton histoire. Mon seul problème c’est que j’ai encore pas mal de lacunes en anglais…. je comprends pas tout 😔 Mais j’y travail, voyage oblige ! Au plaisir !!!!


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