A little review: Vanmats-uk mats

Pam has been needing mats since I threw away the smelly ones when I first bought it.

Funnily enough, a little while ago I got contacted by the British company Vanmats-Uk. They wanted me to try out their mats. How could I say no?

I got to try one of their personalized luxury mats cut to fit perfectly Pamthevan.

They have a huge selection of mats to fit most vans. I found the site very easy to use and clear, when buying luxury mats you have the choice between 6 carpet colors and 22 (yes 22) trim colors. Personalized embroidery is also available.

I went for a navy carpet trimmed with pink edging (don’t judge me). The delivery was incredibly quick (it took about 1 week from the UK to ship to Italy) and the product was exactly as the description.


The mats fit perfectly Pam, and let me tell you the embroidery looks pretty epic.

I found the carpets to be of higher quality than the ones I usually buy: they are thicker and are very carefully finished.  After a week of wild dog hair colonization I also found out that they are fairly easy to clean: a quick hoover sweep and you are done.


In final , I am over the moon about my new mats, and will be recommending this company to anyone needing new mats, so thank you Vanmats-Uk!

  -A ridiculous amount of coffee has been sacrificed to write this blog post so if you are feeling particularly generous, you can buy me one HERE   -

You can also support Pamthevan’s adventures by visiting my Etsy shop HERE 



2 thoughts on “A little review: Vanmats-uk mats

  1. Very nice mats and seem to suit Pam very well, very stylish. So I looked up the website cause I need some new ones as well. Unfortunately Vanmats-UK only does produce for UK driven cars (steering wheel on “the other side”) and not for EU cars. Just in case anyone else from the continent want´s to get some too.

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