Building the kitchen structure (build 1)

I must admit, my woodworking skills are not the greatest.

The kitchen was built in a real rush (less than 4days) and I’m not 100% with the result. I thought I would share some pictures anyway  to show that even without any experience, you can build a half decent kitchen.

The first step was to take the measurements for the kitchen. The kitchen is divided in two parts, one side is for the gas bottle, the other one for storage. When I was happy with the measurements, I screwed the basic structure made of wooden batons to the floor. You can also see from the picture the box used to cover the wheel arch.

When the wooden baton structure was finished, i then cut two pieces of wood for the sides, 3 for the door frame and 1 for the top. I then proceeded to refine the raw wood edges with edging tape (cut, iron and cut the surplus with a stanley knife), before securing the wood to the structure. 

As I am apparently unable to cut anything straight, I finished the crooked edges by gluing a piece of aluminium corner.


Once the wooden panels were placed, I cut the top to fit the cooker and then fixed it to the structure using corner braces.

Once all the parts of the kitchen where fixed I placed the cooker on the worktop and secured it by applying a generous amount of silicon.

The doors where secured by simply attaching flush hinges and magnetic catches.

I then cut two pieces of mdf for the shelves, covered them with vinyl and finished the edges with a plastic corner. The shelves were then secured using corner braces.

If I was to build another kitchen I would certainly allow more time, minimum 2 weeks. That said, it might not be perfect but it’s sturdy and for now does the job 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Building the kitchen structure (build 1)

  1. I am more than impressed what a great van you have built, in addition as a woman! Congrats! I am the mom of 2 rescue dogs and 4 rescue cats so travelling with them would be too much for me - but I envy you for your courage and freedom and adventures. Keep going Girl!

  2. Hi! I’m so inspired by your willingness to jump in and make this happen! I’m curious-where does one find a small cooktop? Thanks!

    1. Hi Roo! mine is this one Dometic makes super cool hobs too (under the name SMEV) but they do tend to be quite expensive If you are not planning to make a full conversion, you can use cheap camping stoves such as this one 🙂

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