Changing spark plugs for Dummies

Having difficulties switching on your van especially when it's cold outside? If your battery is working fine, it's probably your spark plugs that need changing. The spark plugs are those little things that produce the spark needed to ignite the fuel and air in the engine hence initiating the combustion. I think of it like the … Continue reading Changing spark plugs for Dummies

Building the kitchen structure

I must admit, my woodworking skills are not the greatest. The kitchen was built in a real rush (less than 4days) and I'm not 100% with the result. I thought I would share some pictures anyway  to show that even without any experience, you can build a half decent kitchen. The first step was to … Continue reading Building the kitchen structure

Installing the LED lights – IKEA Dioder

Once installed the second battery and the split charge relay (more here), my mission was to put the LED lightning on the roof. I decided to go for a set of IKEA Dioder lights as they were cheap, easy to find and had good reviews online. I wired mine directly to the leisure battery, running it through a … Continue reading Installing the LED lights – IKEA Dioder