Laying the vinyl floor

Once the van floor has been fully insulated and ply lined, you are ready to lay the vinyl floor.

I’ve chose vinyl instead of carpet/wooden flooring as it’s super easy to lay, to clean and as it doesn’t easily get damaged by water.

  1. Take the measurements from your van floor and cut the vinyl. Leave about 10cm of extra material. 
  2. Lay the vinyl on the van floor to make sure it fits ok. 3. Start cutting around the wheel arches by making small slits through the vinyl with a stanley knife.4. Flatten the vinyl around the edges of the plywood and cut.
  1. Glue the vinyl to the plywood using contact glue. Make sure you flatten any air                         bubbles while doing this.

  2. Finish the edges. I’ve simply screwed a 25mm aluminium angle from b&q.


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  1. i think your determination and the fortitude it took to get all this done so u could safely travel with your dog is simple amazing. its the new year and I don’t know if you are still traveling but if you are……. safe travels to you, and if you are not I really hope you enjoyed!

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