How to install a split charge relay – Durite

Got your battery? Got your split charge relay kit?

Fab. This is how you can install your split charge relay. Most kits will also come with the instructions so you should already have a ruff idea on what needs to be done.

  1. Fit the 2 fuses in the fuse  holders. One should go in between the lead that goes from the starter battery to the split charge relay and one between the split charge relay to the leisure battery. The cables should already come with the terminals attached, so you just need to unscrew the nut on the fuse holder, place the fuse and the cable terminal and screw the nut back in.
    Fitting the fuse in the fuse holder

    2. Secure the fuse holders. I secured the first one to the starter battery cage using some cable ties, and the second one to the back of the leisure battery box with some screws.


  2. Drill a small whole on the van floor to let the cable from the starter battery through.I found this one of the most challenging steps on my van conversion, as I was incredibly nervous at the idea of drilling through the van floor. I drilled mine on the back of the passenger seat, as this is were i placed my battery. Take your time when choosing the best spot for the hole, have a close look under your van to make sure you’re not drilling into any vital bits! The perfect spot will be far from any vital parts, and should just be a flat surface.
  3. Pass the cable through the engine compartment, under the van body and up through the hole you drilled. Cover the cable with split plastic conduit and fix using cable ties.IMG_2046
  4. Connect the cable from the two batteries to the split charge relay. To to this, remove the back plastic cover and unscrew the nuts. Place the leads and screw the nuts back in. For some reason the relay i got didn’t have any gaps on the plastic edges to place the cables. This was easily fixed by cutting two with a small Dremel torch.IMG_2094
  5. Find a suitable place to connect the black cable from the leisure battery to the van. I placed mine behind the leisure battery box, under the passenger seat. You will need to scrape the paint away from the area you want to place the cable, to get a better connection. To secure the cable to the floor you will need a thick pan head screw complete with its nut.IMG_2338.JPG
  6. Connect the black lead to the leisure battery.
  7. Tighten the nuts on the relay and fix it to its new home. I fixed mine on the back of the leisure battery box.  IMG_2095
  8. Earth the relay by connecting the black cable to the van or directly to the negative leisure battery terminal. I fitted a ring connector to the black cable as it didn’t have one (more on how to fit connectors on electrical cables here). IMG_4943
  9. Connect the cables to the starter battery (by just unscrewing the nut and place the lead on top of the first red cable) and to the leisure battery.
  10. Tighten all the connections and make sure everything has been fitted correctly.
  11. Check that the relay is working correctly. To do this you will need a voltometer (i bought mine here). When the engine is off, the leisure battery you bought (if fully charged) should deliver a current of ~12 V. When the engine is switched on, if the relay has been installed properly, the voltage should increase to 13.8-14.4V. The Durite I used gives an audible click when it switches on and off. When on a small red light also appears.

    And… TADAAAAN you’re done! Your now have electricity on your precious van 😀



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