Carpeting the Sides and the Drivers cabin

To carpet the rest of the Kangoo you will need to carpet the pillars (where the seat belt lives) the sides below the windows and the roof above the driving cabin.


  1. Remove the screws holding the upper part of the seat belt. Make sure you take notice of which screws fit were.
  2. Remove the plastic covering the bottom side of the seat belt.
  3. Remove the rubber seal from both the front doors and back door.
  4. Cut a strip of carpet slightly bigger than the pillar.
  5. Start carpeting as usual.
  6. Refit the seat belt, plastic coverings and rubber seal.
  7. Make sure the seat belt is working PERFECTLY!


The tricky part here is to carpet around the windows. The rubber edge is hard to remove so I preferred to keep it. That meant I had to push the carpet under the rubber seal using a flat screwdriver.

  1. Remove the rubber edge from the passenger back door and from the boot.
  2. Cut a piece of carpet slightly bigger than the side to carpet. Make sure you leave at least 10cm on the top side to go on the roof (the roof panel will cover this).
  3. Start carpeting as usual.
  4. Cut the carpet around the window using your stanley knife. Leave at least 1.5cm of carpet around the rubber seal.
  5. Using a flat screwdriver, pull up the rubber seal from the window and push the carpet raw edge under.
  6. Refit the rubber edge from the side back door and the boot.
  7. Now you can fix any pre-prepared plywood panel.


By now, you should have mastered the art of carpeting and you probably won’t need a guide on how to do it:). In short:

  1. Remove rubber seal from the drivers and passenger door.
  2. Remove the visors and the handles.
  3. Cut a piece big enough to carpet the roof of the driving cabin and the sides of the windscreen.
  4. Start carpeting as usual.
  5. Using a flat screwdriver fit the carpet under the windscreen rubber seal.
  6. Refit the door rubber seal, visors and handles.

Once all carpeting is one, you can fix the roof panel with the lights.


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