Roof insulation and Lining (build 1)

The last part of Pam to be insulated was the roof. Again I have used the combo camping mats + foil bubble wrap and I’m very happy with the results.


1.First thing you’ll need to do is to cut and fit some batons to the roof as you will need somewhere to attach your plywood roof panel. If you look at your roof (after having removed any plastic/carpet covering), you will see that there are some metal bars running across it. The batons can be fixed here as the metal bars are at least 3cm thick. I have fit 4, 1 at the back just on top of the back door, 2 at the centre and 1 cut in half just next the courtesy light on top of the driving cabin.

2.Drill 3/4 holes to the metal bars.

3.Cut and fit the batons to the metal bars using self tapping screws (45/55mm long)

4.Glue the camping mats to the roof using high temperature contact glue. Use the batons as support.


1.Take measurements and cut a piece of 5.5 mm plywood for the roof lining. I wanted to keep the courtesy light so I’ve left some space for it when cutting the roof panel. Check that the roof panel fits.

  1. Cut the holes for the lights, if you are using any (more on lightning here). I have used a set of IKEA Dioder lights so I’ve cut 4 holes. A hole saw would have been immensely useful here, but in the lack of it the jigsaw did the job.

3.Glue the foil bubble wrap to the back of the roof panel.

4.Carpet the roof panel by following this process. Cut out the holes for the lights.

  1. Once the carpeting of the van has been completed and after installing the lights (more here) you can fix the roof panel to the roof batons by using self tapping screws. You will probably need a hand here as the panel will be quite heavy!


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