Flooring insulation and lining

The first part of Pam I decided to insulate was the floor and the wheel arches.

The Kangoo (like most vans) has ridges on the floor which can make it fiddly to insulate.

After nights and days spent on forums to gather as much advice as I could, this is what I have come up to:


1.Cut and stick some foam underlay onto the wheel arches using high temperature contact adhesive glue.

2. Cut and stick a layer of double sided bubble foil wrap.

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  1. Cut some batons to apply to the floor. Those will even out the surface of the floor and give you a structure where you can fix your flooring plywood. Most people place them perpendicular to the ridges, but I placed them parallel as this made me save a couple of centimetres in hight.


  1. Stick the batons to the van floor using SikaFlex or similar.

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  1. Cut and stick the foam underlay to the flooring, filling in the gaps between the ridges. 

  2. Lay a layer of foil bubble wrap on top of the foam underlay.

  3. Measure and cut the 12mm Plywood board and nail it in place by using the already placed batons. As you can see from the pictures I got the measurements wrong a recurring theme in this blog) and cut the board more than needed.  That was easily fixed by cutting another strip of plywood to place on the side. You live and you learn! 🙂

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Aaaand you are done. You now have a nice smooth floor ready to be walked (or crawled in the Kangoo’s case) on!


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4 thoughts on “Flooring insulation and lining

  1. Hi. Great blog - it’s been really helpful so far on my conversion. Quick question - why did you use 2 types of adhesive and not just the high temperature contact adhesive for sticking the foam underlay to the metal and the foil insulation to the foam? Or maybe I’ve misunderstood.



  2. Hi Tim!

    You could just use the high temperature adhesive for everything, but as it’s slightly more expensive than the normal adhesive glue, I’ve used it where strictly necessary which is when gluing directly on the van steel panels (those will get hot!).

    I’ve used the normal adhesive where the materials were not touching the metal.

    Hope this helps,


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