Removing back seats from Kangoo

The first little job that had to be done was to remove Pamthevan’s back seats to have more space.

The job is quite straight forward, however if you are a beginner like me this step by step guide might be quite useful.


Remove your sh**t from the back seats


Select your weapons.

As the bolts are sitting at a very weird angle, you’ll need a smaller socket set. After trying 4 different kinds I finally found this tiny set from Screwfix. Exactly what I needed!


Locate the bolts.

There are only 6 bolts to be removed. Those are located under the seats.


Swear in as many languages you know while you attempt to release the bolts.You might want to spray some lubricating oil on the bolt to make it easier.


Once you release your first bolt scream YEEEES very loudly, hold it as if it was your war enemy head and feel gooood.

Continue for the remaining 5 bolts.


Fold over the seats and cut the 2 little ropes that hold the seat to the body of the van.

And TADAAAAAAAAAN your’re Done!

Now you can try your luck and sell them, hoping that somebody, somewhere is wanting to do exactly the opposite of what you’ve done.


5 thoughts on “Removing back seats from Kangoo

  1. Hello. When you took the bolts out that the seat clips onto, did the nut on the other side fall off? Just i want to remove the stands for a bit but put them back on 🙂


    1. Hey Joe, don’t really understand what you are wanting to do, which stands are you wanting to remove? the metal attachments below the seat? if you remove those than you’ll just have to undo the little rope on the side that keeps them attached. You can replace the seats no problem when you need them! 🙂

  2. Hi guys , just for know’s there are NO nuts that hold the seat, merely welded in threaded bushings, I would recommend closing these with the bolts you take out or replace them with something else to close the bushings cause water and exhaust fumes can come in the compartment through them! For short term removal you can klip the seats out without unbolting anything! Study the hinges and see!

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