Materials: Glues and Sealants

This is the list of glues and sealants used in converting Pamthevan:

  • 1 ltr tub of Wayside high temperature contact adhesive glue (£12 from Amazon ) for sticking the insulation directly on the metal parts of the van;Wayside glue
  • 250ml tub of Evo-Stick instant contact adhesive glue (£7 from Amazon) for sticking insulation and carpets on plywood;Impact Glue
  • 2x 300ml tub of  Sikaflex  adhesive and sealant (£6.50 each from Amazon) for sticking wood batons on the van floor;Sikaflex
  • 1 Cartridge gun (£3 from B&Q) to apply the Sikaflex sealant;cartridge gun
  • 250ml tub of Evo-Stick adhesive removal (£6.50 from Amazon) to remove any unwanted glue;Evo Stick cleaner
  • 50mt of Duck Tape (£8.20 from B&Q)DUCK TAPE.png

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