The plan

I have always admired humans able to live slightly at the edge, doing what they really enjoy without really caring about what’s next.

I’d like to be one of them, even just for a little while.

The plan consists in living minimal for the next couple of years.

I will give up my safe and comfortable office job to work in the mud under the rain.

I will give up my cozy and warm house for a tiny little van.

I will give up my certainties in the search for freedom.

My beloved companion Odie will be joining me in this trip, sharing with me the bed and most likely the food.

I’d like this blog to be a meeting place for van conversions and tiny homes enthusiasts.

I will be starting my journey from zero: I have no mechanical knowledge, little DIY experience and never lived in a tiny space.

Wish me good luck! 🙂





8 thoughts on “The plan

  1. I think that’s awesome Pam I love my dog jack he’s a golden retriever I always wanted to just travel and see the country that way sounds like you got a great companion please keep in touch also I’m pretty mechanical inclined and a good DYSer so don’t bother to ask have fun and stay safe
    Mark A Holbrook


  2. I don’t want to be picky, but this post is dated 25 january 2016.
    Since then, Marina have apparently achieved her goals, with Odie and Pam the van.

    I admire you for what you are doing Marina. I wish I was “free” enough to follow you.
    Good luck, have fun and read you soon. Chris


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